Monday, March 16, 2009

Menu Plan Mondays

I am joining over 400 women who blog and post their weekly menus online so we can share ideas, save money and know what we are having for dinner, without having to stress about what we are going to do for dinner. I will try and post the recipes I use for each dinner.  Here is my first attempt, if you click on the weekly menus online above it will take you to the list of the other 400+ menus.  All my recipes unless otherwise noted, will be from my freezer.  I am going to try and post how much each recipe costs in the future, I can tell you that most of my meals are under $6.50 per meal, as I normally spend around $150-175 per month.  The main site that does the MPM's (Menu Plan Monday's) is called $5 dinners.  All the meals are under $5 each meal.  So you can eat healthy, and have variety and still each cheap.

Monday - Homemade Pizza's (individually made using the 5 minute bread recipe)

Tuesday - Montreal Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, and green beans

Wednesday - Lite Fettuccine Alfredo

Thursday - Tacos

Friday - Leftovers (no one is home together on Friday's)

Saturday - Beef Barley Soup

Sunday - Swiss Steak, mashed potatoes, corn