Thursday, January 29, 2009

50 Uses for a Jar of Spaghetti Sauce

There was an insert in my Food Network Magazine that lists 50 things you can make with a jar of spaghetti sauce. (I make my own spaghetti sauce (a staple in our house) so we thought this had some really good ideas...and we have even tried one of them..and it was AWESOME!

I have the recipes is you are interested in any of them...

1. Spanish Rice
2.  Potato Casserole
3. Baked Brie
4. Mussels Marinara
5. Zesty Chip Dip
6. Quick Rataouille
7. Cocktail Sauce
8. Minestrone Soup
9. Tomato Butter
10. Olive Tapenade
11. African Stew
12. Cream of Tomato Soup (This is the one we tried...Saute' chopped herbs in butter (I didn't do this step, as my sauce has lots of seasoning)...add 1 jar of pasta sace, 2 cups of water and 1/2 c. heavy cream. simmer for 5 minutes.  (I just added milk to the sauce and it made a yummo version of tomato Soup!)
13. Stuffed Mushrooms
14. Buffalo Wings
15. Clam Chowder
16. Tomato Croutons
17. BBQ Brisket
18. Eggs in Purgatory
19. Tuna Marinara
20. Stewed BLT
21. Pizza Potato (make a baked potato and add sauce, pepperoni, and mozzerella bake till cheese melts)
22. Italian Meatloaf
23. Baked Beans
24. Tomato Mac and Cheese
25. Instant Salsa
26. Sweet and Sour Franks
27. Vodka Penne
28. Saucy Marinade
29. Tomato Biscuits
30. Country Captain
31. Taleggio Panini
32. Poor Man's Parmigiana
33. Tomato Polenta
34. Italian Quesadilla
35. Cilaquiles
36. Creole Stew
37. Poached Cod
38. Enchilada Sauce
39. Pizza Sticks
40. Greek Beans
41. Tomato Omelet
42. Bloody Mary
43. Spiced Okra
44. Polenta Bites
45. Tomato-Fennel Soup
46. Chickpea Pasta
47. Red Pepper Coulis
48. Sloppy Joes
49. Tomato Vinaigrette
50. Eggplant Rolls